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A24 x Wary Meyers Test Card Soap

A24 x Wary Meyers Test Card Soap

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~Bathroom Synch~
Our exciting collaboration with A24 Films takes the form of a tv test card, the traditional image broadcast by tv stations when there was no programming, but still a signal. The test card is also used for calibrating and synching cameras and monitors.
The soap itself is 8 stripes, and the box completes the full test card.
We're very excited about this soap and have been working on it seemingly forever.
8 stripes, scented with a melange of sweet basil, peppermint leaf, and flower buds, rounded out by notes of thyme, palm leaves, and dew-picked daisies. Like the fragrance of an herbal greenhouse, but just odd enough to be A24.

Also each soap comes with one "A24 x Wary Meyers Tub Scene" collectible card, the first scenes being from Lady Bird, Minari, and Twentieth Century Women.

Our glycerine soaps are made in very small batches in our studio in Cumberland, Maine, by John and Linda. We use a 100% pure vegetable base- no parabens, no phthalates, no sodium laurel sulfate, no animal testing, no detergents, and no alcohol.