The Bathroom by Alexander Kira (1976)


The seminal and definitive work on bathrooms and their design (and their mis-design), including everything you could consider about the design of absolutely everything that goes into a bathroom- toilets, sinks, bidets, showers, bathtubs, humans- you name it.
From an Amazon user: "This unique book is the only scientific analysis of bathrooms and their functions that I have ever been able to find. The author has had a major influence on, or actually helped write, the building standards that most modern bathrooms are built in accordance with. Nevertheless, the book concludes that the bathroom is an essentially mis-designed space in virtually all North American homes. The very fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs and toilets are poorly designed, and need to be completely rethought. This book is essential for those interested in designing objects for human use, the architecture of bathrooms, and the psychology of the continued use of poor standards."
Alexander Kira was the Professor of Architecture at Cornell University. This copy was bought at the Cornell Campus Store.